Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, I truly hope that we don't have trouble with ATM's in Oz, but here I am using ATM as an acronym for our trip: anticipation, travel, memories. I really shouldn't be sitting here anticipating, I should be checking my numerous lists so I don't do something silly tomorrow - like leave without my passport or my dog!

Anticipation means having spent some minutes of everyday for the past few months browsing websites, maps and travel books.
Here are some dates: March 26th - miss it completely so we apologize to friends who have
birthdays that day; your birthday doesn't exist for us
this year
March 27th - arrive Brisbane
March 29th - Byron Bay
March 31st - Alice Springs
April 2nd - Tasmania
April 5th - Melbourne
April 10th - Sydney
April 17th - Honolulu
April 22nd - Weyburn

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