Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pumpkin Pizza and Other Things

Here are some things I learned today:

(1) Rob and Elizabeth are right; Oporto is really good, especially so if you add avocado for $1.
(2) Pumpkin pizza sounds weird but tastes tasty. (Good use of English there, Brenda.)
(3) Walking regularly in flat Weyburn does not get you ready for walking in Brisbane.
(4) $5.90 to travel by river ferry all day long is a really good deal.
(5) $4.00 for a small cup (no refills) of plain, black coffee is a really bad deal.
(6) Brisbane must have grumpy people, but we have met only the friendly people.
(7) Brisbane must have poor, derelict districts, but we have seen only the upscale neighborhoods.

Today was a wonderful day in Brisbane. If Rob and Crystal and Elizabeth and James agree to move here, then we are staying. This morning friends picked us up and drove us up to a lookout where we could see for miles and miles. It was also interesting to drive through the neighborhoods as we had been seeing the city from the water. Chris and Gayle also took us through a wonderful garden. Tropical plants that we grow as houseplants are eight feet tall in their natural environment.

Gayle remembered seeing that there was a Craft Expo at the Convention Center so they dropped me there while Bob pursued other endeavors. I spent my allotment of quilt money very quickly and came away with some great ideas for next year for the Crocus Quilters.

Tomorrow we hope to have Teestra solve our problems with wireless internet so I can post photos. If I can't, I will be a very, very sad camper.


  1. That is right that Oporto is the most amazing thing ever.

  2. Elizabeth, how do I get the labels for the photos to go right under the photos?

  3. Just upload the picture and then get your cursor underneath the photo and type

  4. If you all move there then our family would come and visit you!!