Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't Eat in Australia

Part of the garden

Ross with Max

Michael at Dish

Outside our breakfast cafe

Well, really you should eat in Australia because all of the food we have eaten has been wonderful. It's just that the prices have been a shock to our system. The Canadian $ and the Australian $ are at par right now so that we English teachers, who usually let other people do the math, can figure things out. Most of the coffee has been $4/cup with no refills. Today's breakfast in a very ordinary beachside cafe came to $55 for the three of us. The cheapest thing on the menu was a bagel with ricotta cheese for $12. We may have been paying for the view though as it was sensational; and, of course, the salty sea air has medicinal benefits so that may have been factored in. In any case, Bob and I will switch to our own cooking for awhile.

Now last night's meal at Ross and Michael's Dish Restaurant was like nothing we have ever had. It was beyond wonderful not only because of the food and drink but because we got to eat it with Ross. You all know I love Bob, but I love Ross too; we go back a long, long way. You can check out the website for Ross and Michael's restaurant at When you go to eat there, remember to say, "Brenda recommended this place."

Rob and Elizabeth, you will not want to read on as there is shocking information contained in the next few paragraphs.

First of all, I had a cocktail called a Byron Lush. Ross explained that "lush" means a drunkard, just as it does in Canada. Then Bob and I - I repeat - Bob and I - had wine with the meal. Bob was very sophisticated and he did not order milk. Of course, we both lessened our sophistication factor by letting Ross and Michael in on the fact that he does like milk with the meal!

Rob and Elizabeth, you don't want to continue reading yet because there is more shocking news to come. Our first entree (which actually means appetizer and not main course here in Australia) was raw, marinated tuna. Both of us ate it and it was tasty and beautifully presented.

My second appetizer (don't ask why we had two, we don't know; it was Ross's decision) ... was pan-seared scallops with carrot and cardamon puree, baby capers, pickled baby carrots and coriander. Bob's was tortellini of Fontana cheese with mushroom consomme and sour dough crout.

My main course was salmon fillet mignon wrapped in pancetta with red wine pearl barley risotta and broad beans. Bob had chargrilled Wagyu strip loin with king brown mushrooms, garlic puree, truffled peas and bordelaise sauce. There was also truffle mash (as in potatoes) as a side for all three meals. I won't detail Ross's meal for you but each of these meals would make you drool.

We were much too full for dessert, but I ordered coffee. Surprise! It automatically came with petit fours which were a little bit of figgy pudding (Elizabeth, think ten times better than that at the Scottish pavilion), a little cookie, a meringue, and pistachio biscotti.

Now all you Weyburnites, are thinking "just like any dining experience any night in Weyburn!"

Ross and Michael have a beautiful home with wonderful, jungly garden. Yesterday I happily roamed, taking photos of this lush vegetation we don't have at home. Today Ross mentioned an Australian python and another snake had been spotted in the yard within the last two weeks. Yikes.

I would tell you all that a cute kangaroo hopped across the road in front of our car today (which is true), but I will keep that news to put in a postcard to Sela.
We'll be moving on which makes me sad. Ross and I have talked and talked, but there is still so much we could say. I haven't had time to see photos of his home before he landscaped, I haven't had a good look at his 35 years of geneology research ... we have shared topics, opinions, and laughter, but we need more time. The only solution is for him and Michael to come to Weyburn for a few weeks! See you there soon, Ross.
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  1. The best food/beverage deal I found while in Australia was at the Wagga Wagga train station, $2 for a bottle of coke.