Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lost Luggage and No Photos

You probably won't want to read this post since it doesn't have any incredibly beautiful photos of this incredibly beautiful country. Maybe tomorrow. I can't get the wireless internet working on my netbook so am typing this at an internet kiosk where my time is running down quickly.

We left Winnipeg on the 25th on a flight that had no turbulence (my favorite kind!) However, it was running late so we had only half an hour in Calgary to get our luggage, go through American customs, and get on the plane. It didn't look like it was going to happen until a man came through the line-up of about a hundred people asking if any people were trying to make the flight to L.A. We, the Kings, said yes. Another couple, named the Royals, said yes. So the man rushed the Kings and the Royals through, the plane waited an extra 20 minutes, and we were off on another turbulent-free flight (might I repeat, my favorite kind!) Unfortunately the plane didn't wait for our luggage.

We had eight hours to kill in L.A. so we caught a cab over to a mall in the Manhattan Beach area and then walked the three beautiful miles to the ocean. Two walks everyday in Weyburn did not get me in shape for that walk as it was up hill and down hill, up hill and down hill, ad naseum. We ate at a happening restuarant named Momma D's. Check it out when you are down that way.

Qantas is my favorite airline and not just because it is a u-less q-word! On the twelve hour (turbulent-free!) flight we were given a midnight supper as well as breakfast. As well, they came around with water six times, offered us an apple snack, gave us a goody bag that contained toothpaste and a toothbrush (they must have known how much garlic Momma D's used). And then about two in the morning they gave us snack bags which contained a water bottle, cookies, M&Ms, a bag of mixed fruit and nuts, and lifesavers. We were pampered.

We missed the 26th completely because of the international date line.

Today, the 27th, we landed very early, got to our dockside hotel, and headed out in our smelly clothes to do some sight-seeing. We caught a river ferry and were lucky enough to have a young lady and her son sit with us and give us much good advice on what to do and see. She even went two stops past her stop to finish off her advice. The day was perfect with lots more walking up and down hills interspersed with ferry rides. We ran into the Royals who were also wearing smelly clothing as their luggage had taken a circuitous route too. When we got back to our hotel this evening, a man was just delivering out wayward luggage. Tomorrow we can set out clean, deodorized, and sun-blocked for another glorious Oz day. Friends are picking us up at 8:30 and taking us somewhere good - we just don't know where yet.

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