Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Ate PassionFruit from the Garden Today. Did you?

The Lawrys took us our to Wilson's Promontory today. They hoped to show us kangaroos, emus, and wombats in the wild. This national park encompasses something like 50,000 hectares so we couldn't expect to see them all. We were lucky to see these two. I took about ten photos, each one one step closer as I figured they would spring away at any moment. This is the closest one.

We also saw rainbow lorikeets. And Bob has to confess that Australia has one less rosella. He isn't saying if he hit it with the car or it ran into the car, but, either way, it is nothing but a carcass at the side of the road.

It was wonderful to visit and visit and visit with Sarah and to meet her parents. I know why Rob and Elizabeth had such a good time with them that one Christmas. They are avid hikers and those many preliminary walks in Weyburn only partially prepared me for the hikes ... up and down and up and down and up again.

Here are a couple of the marvelous views.

The Lawrys' garden is so different than ours: orange trees, a lime tree, lemon tree, grapefruit tree, passion fruit, and kiwi as well as raspberries and strawberries. They have an avocado tree too but it is still too young to produce. There are similarities to my garden though: lavender (only theirs is a hedge!), daisies, dahlia, begonias, veronica, geraniums.
From their place we drove to the Mornington pennisula where we hope to get in touch with Holly. We are staying at the wonderful Mornington Motel which is about the same price as a Comfort Inn at home. You can see Bob in the photo below. He's lounging with the 36" flatscreen t.v.

The manager of the motel recommended a Thai restaurant down the street as "the best in all Australia." As we walked into the restaurant a delivery guy was leaving. I pictured him delivering a 10% commission to the motel manager. We have no complaints though as the food was good except that the rice had squid in it which was a bit weird for us.

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