Monday, April 12, 2010

Umina, Avoca, and Quilts (Okay, Royal Fair too)

First of all, I want you to believe that the above photo is of Bob and Colin. You can decide which is Bob and which is Colin. This is at Umina and the weather was beautiful there this morning as we walked along the beach. There weren't many people in the water, but there were a few surfers. Apparently some people didn't feel that it was as warm as all that for the woman below had to have her fur-hooded vest. She looked ridiculous.

The lifeguards were just getting ready to start their day so they chatted with this old lifeguard circa 1959. This was at Umina too.

Then Lyn and Colin took us over to Lyn's sister's at McMaster's Beach for a coffee break. Simon, I hope you are reading this so that you know we had a lamington there. Another Australian dream fulfilled! From there we went to Avoca Beach and enjoyed sun and surf. I truly don't like getting near the edge of anything so here I am fearing that I may go over the side.

And in this picture you can see that Bob mercilessly chucked me over the side.

In this picture Lyn and I are with Bill made from found objects. I love his legs.
When we got back to Baulkham Hills, Lyn and I headed off to her quilt group while Bob and Colin headed off to the Royal Agricultural Show. Lyn's group made some blocks for the Weyburn Guild's ugly block challenge. What a fun group of women they are and they were welcoming and warm and they had fantastic show and tell.

They each brought some Australian goodies for lunch including a delicious pavlova. I found out you can buy the pavlova at the grocery store and then add your toppings. This one has kiwi, strawberry and passionfruit. If you have followed this entry closely, you will have figured out that I had both a lamington and pavlova today. Lyn and I chatted about what would be Canadian desserts. Any ideas?

Do any of you know if Canada has an invention like the one pictured below? It has instant, boiling water in it so you don't have to boil a kettle.

While we were having fun there, Bob and Colin were having lots of fun at the fair if we can judge by how hyper they were when they returned. Bob swears they need to go back for another evening. Since the fair is at Homebush, Bob had to go and rub Colin's pole! Because Colin was a volunteer at the Sydney Olympics, his name is immortalized. I pointed out that Robert King is a fairly common name, so maybe he could have rubbed his own pole.

The men were most impressed with a produce display competition where the scenes were created by produce. I like the comment above this scene.

Bob says the fair rides were huge.
Good night, all. More adventures await us tomorrow.


  1. Pumpkin Pie- Maddie made it for Julie, Bobby, and I because we North Americans apparently LOVE it.
    Also awkward about Colin's pole mom.
    Also did Lyn and Colin show you their friend's house in Avoca? The multi million dollar one that I spent a couple days in?

  2. About dessert: I immediately thought of Nanaimo bars and Mom suggested something with maple syrup in it. In Quebec they make something called tarte au sucre which is sugar pie and sounds pretty good. I think they make it with maple syrup too.