Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Rain Will Fall

Last night, after some confusions, we finally got to hang out with Holly who lived with us when she was a Rotary Exchange Student. She's a wonderful, young woman and we not only reminisced, we also caught up with her life.

This morning there was a market in Mornington, the town we stayed in last night. The booths were set up for blocks and blocks on each side of the main street, in front of the businesses. There was everything from vegetables and flowers to these button bouquets. This lady, a teacher, makes button bouquets and does photography in her spare time and then sells the items at the market.

Vanessa and I have been questioning real estate prices in Weyburn lately. Well, would any of you pay $90,000 to $300,000 to not own, but lease, one of these huts on the beach? They are large enough to fit a table and chairs, but you cannot have a bed (if it would fit) and you cannot stay overnight in them. They are on the Mornington Peninsula.

Did you look at this photo and say "big deal - a sandy beach"? The reason I included this is that it is actually the water at Mornington. It is so clear that you can't even tell there is water in the photo. All the beaches we have been on have been immaculately clean. Good on you, Aussies; some of us other countries should be following your example.
We did have one of the first disappointments of our trip today. We went to Warragul where Elle, another Rotary Exchange Student, manages a grocery store called Aldi. Unfortunately she was in meetings all day so we didn't get together.
One of her employees recommended a restaurant nearby for lunch. I had a smoked salmon and avocado sandwich, but Bob felt he had to have the burger "with the lot." Don't think "hamburger deluxe," think "THE LOT." The hamburger had the beef plus fried egg, onion, bacon, cheese, pineapple, beetroot, lettuce and tomato. Bob made a valiant effort, but he couldn't finish it.

We did have rain today, but as we were mainly driving, it didn't spoil our fun.

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