Sunday, April 4, 2010

TimTams and Port Arthur

We had an amazing day. We drove down to Port Arthur and along the way stopped to look at Tasman's Arch, Devil's Kitchen, and some tesselated pavement which all have things to do with the shoreline. I wish I could record the smell here as there was ecalyptus mixed with other vegetation fragrances. Elizabeth, more than once as we drove, we saw black swans on rivers and lakes. Why didn't you ever see any? I also saw two kookaburas in the wild.

Michelle Irwin, thanks so much for recommending Port Arthur. We had a marvelous time there and didn't miss much of what there was to see. We couldn't stay for a ghost tour; that was our only regret. It was Easter Sunday so we were worried that both the roads and Port Arthur would be crazy busy, but they weren't. We even came back through Hobart, just to take a different route back.

I tried to stick my head right up to this hydrengia just to show how big the bloom was; it was way bigger than my head - and I have a big head!

We didn't see a tasmanian devil, but we sure did like these evil-looking signs. Would you really want to swerve to avoid a creature that looks like this?

Those of you back home who are familiar with the regular TimTams, look what we discovered! Need I say "delicious!"
And, also, those of you back home, we are wanting Weyburn news. Email us, Facebook me, or leave comments here.


  1. your $10 richer mom. Duke beat West Viriginia. And Regina tomorrow for Easter Supper with the Jonescu family.

  2. Try the hazelnut ones. Those are the best.
    Also I got a job (see facebook)

  3. Mmmm, tim tams. They just don't taste the same unless they are all melted in the wrapping from being hauled around in a rucksack. I can't wait to see more here Brenda!

  4. DeLaet finished tied for third this weekend, one stroke off the lead. He won $336,000. If he had won, he would have qualified for the Masters next weekend. He's now 58th on the money list for the year.

  5. What kind of news? You know I don't get out much. We'll see after quilt guild tomorrow. I'll ask around.