Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oz Corrupts Bob!!!!!

The title needed that many exclamation points even though good students of English know that you use only one end mark. When something so earth-shattering - those same students know to avoid cliches, but I digress -so earth-shattering as Bob being corrupted in not one but TWO ways! Mr. Colin Booth shown above is obviously a bad influence as you can see him blatantly defying the sign.

So first of all, Bob has taken to gambling to get Aussie wine. Elizabeth, think "Two Up."

Then, worse yet, he stripped naked - maybe not totally naked. He left his hat on! Weyburnites, do not expect the same Bob King back as the one that left.

Bob did put his clothes back on long enough to be photographed at a lighthouse at Watson Bay.

Earlier in the day we went to a quilt shop that was behind a house. This cute sign at the front of the yard makes it look appealing. Why wouldn't we continue in?

The back yard was a little scarier.

... and then I took this photo inside the shop after kindly asking the proprietor if I could. Notice the cat. When I asked the woman, she said I could but then moved so she wouldn't be in the way. That was a shame as I wanted her in the picture so you could see the cigarette in her mouth and the ashtray in front of her.

Nonetheless her shop was filled with a lot of bolts and I found some great fat quarters.
I took about 50 photos of water and beach today as we were at Bondi and Watson's Bay. Each scene was better than the previous. We remember having to step over people on our last visit to Bondi because it was so crowded. This time of year it isn't.
We went to the Carlingford Rotary Club meeting tonight. Elizabeth will be happy that we took many photos of all her Rotary friends. They all send kind regards and I can tell her more when I see her. They told us that at her very first meeting with them, the microphone failed but she told them that they needn't worry as she could project!

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  1. Dad actually won Two Up? That's kind of awesome!