Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Umina

This afternoon we came up to the Central Coast with the Booths and we are staying in their daughter's condo. Umina is beautiful as you can see from the photo above. We walked the beach stopping to see a fisherman's catch (snapper and flounder). On the way back we walked up by the houses and condos so we could decide which one we want to move into.

This morning Lyn went to church and she hopefully prayed for Colin, Bob, and me as we went to the Rotary Flea Market instead. It was a beautiful morning to wander among the booths. Some had fall bedding plants (pansies, succulents, etc.) and I had to remind myself that I couldn't take any home for my yard. Bob and Colin were the big shoppers while I combatted the urge to buy.

Rob, you can see from the above photo that Dad and I found pop cheaper than what you paid at Wagga Wagga. It is the best deal we found by about $1.50. Leah F., I could have added to your Nabob-Red Rose jar collection by buying a Bushells (tea) jar. Wait, my luggage is already full so I had to leave it behind and it even had the original lid.
Changing the subject slightly, I didn't know if I should write Bushells or Bushell's or Bushells'. I always told students that if someone made me King of English my first decree would be to eliminate apostrophes as so few people use them correctly. The Australians seem a step ahead of me. We were at Wilsons Promontory (no apostrophe) last week. We read department of highway signs that said "Dont Pass." May Australia lead the English world in the abolishment of apostrophes! (Some of you may also want them to outlaw exclamation points and brackets as I tend to use them excessively.) (!!)

Lyn and I did not resist the temptation of a fabric store and even Bob and Colin browsed. Bob was a great huntsman and quickly found me the section with Australian prints and Colin zoomed in on the kangaroo buttons. Why don't these two men come with me to all fabric shops?
Here is Bob doing some serious browsing.

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  1. Did you guys have to wear the aprons or did Rotary not make you help out?