Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Relaxing Drive of 1200 KMS

Those of you that know Bob well, know that he can drive forever. That's how we went so far today and got so much done. We went to Uluru (Ayer's Rock) and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). A speed limit of 130 really helped us get there and back quickly. We did both Uluru and Kata Tjuta from the ground first. No matter how many pictures I have seen, they did now prepare me for the sense of awe, the wonder of size when we got up close. I am not sure I know much about the mysticism and spirituality the Aboriginal feel, but it sure filled me with amazement.

Oh, and those that climb it must be truly insane. It was open for climbing today but we could not spot anyone on it. All the brochures ask visitors to respect the sacred place by not climbing, but it isn't forbidden yet. I believe it will become unclimbable in 2012.

After we had visited by ground, we toured Uluru by helicopter. That was fun! We were privileged to see the ground with way more greens than usual, again because of unusual, heavy rainfalls.

We couldn't leave AS too early today and we couldn't get back too late as our Hertz car rental would not include hitting kangaroos in the dark! We never saw one live kangaroo today and only one roadkill one. Our young helicopter pilot told us that he has seen more kangaroos in the suburbs of Melbourne than he has seen around Uluru.

I forgot to mention yesterday that two dingoes ran across the highway in front of our vehicle. They were slinky and regal at once. Is that possible?

For inquiring Canadian minds, gas was $1.89/liter. We won't need to pay that price again in Australia as Tasmania, Vic, and NSW will be more reasonable.

Cuddles' fans will be happy to know that she is very content at her home-away-from home.

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  1. A) YAY for you guys doing the helicopter trip over Uluru. Did you have to have a young, blonde curly haired pilot?

    B) Did you get our address?

    C) Where we supposed to get an Easter card? Because one hasn't got here yet and I thought I read something about Rob getting one.