Friday, April 9, 2010

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Yesterday I didn't post the photo I meant to of mountain bikers getting their bikes up the mountain. Isn't this cool?

Today we left Canberra and had a beautiful, sunny drive to Sydney. Our intention was to get over to the ocean and spend the afternoon and night there. Traffic was heavy though and it was taking us ages to get over, so we turned around and found a hotel room near where we have to drop off the rental car tomorrow. Tonight we hoped to get in touch with the first Rotary Exchange Student the Weyburn Club ever had. I thought I had her phone number, but it ended up being her office number. She and her husband are both doctors so we are thinking their home phone number is unlisted. We will have to try track her down during office hours on Monday.

Bob and I went for a walk tonight and learned why so many of the suburbs end in the word "Hills." We are in Castle Hill and it certainly has more than one hill!

Tomorrow should be great as Elizabeth's friend Simon has the day planned for us. Simon, if you are reading this, know that whatever you tell Bob and me to do, WE WILL DO! I hope you aren't going to turn us into a 2010 version of the Ned Kelly gang.

The photo below will make Elizabeth so envious. The truth is, we haven't been in Carlingford yet, we just drove down the street that had the sign. But trust us, Elizabeth, in the next few days, we will be there!

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  1. I can't remember if Carlingford High School is in Epping Shire or Baulkham Hills Shire...
    Anyways you know I'm jealous. Have fun with Simon!