Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Day

How cool is this photo! The Mama had her joey in her pouch and truly the joey looked like a lazy teenager who should leave the pouch. He was stuffed in there tight. You can't see it in this photo but not only was his head sticking out but one of his long legs was too.

Now this blog entry is a little different in that the next paragraph is for Elizabeth and then she should quit reading. The rest of you can start reading after that paragraph.

Elizabeth, our day with Simon was a terrible, no-good, horrible day. I don't know why he thought we would want a tour of Sydney's sewers. It was dank and dark. Then he wanted to treat us to lunch and we thought he was taking us to Oporto. Instead to pulled lunch out of his backpack for us. It was overcooked kangaroo with vegemite spread over it. So, indeed, we did not enjoy our day with Simon. Now that you know that, you an go back to making lasagna or whatever because the rest of this blog entry won't be interesting to you.

And now to the rest of you: today was FANTASTIC. Bob and I spent it with Elizabeth's friend Simon and he had a wonderful time organized for us. He took us to a farmers' market where we met his parents and had a quick visit. Many of the vendors had small samples of their goodies so I tried rabbit and other tidbits.

Then we went over to a Koala Park where there were Australian animals and birds. That's where we saw the kangaroo shown above. There were also koalas (obviously, by the name of the park!)
They are in the background of this picture of Bob and me.

I took lots of photos of chickens that were roaming free at the park. That's so Leah F. and I can strengthen our argument to Dave to allow backyard chickens. In the following photo you can see Bob and Simon enjoying time together. This was taken in the picnic area of Carlingford School.

Simon did take us to Carlingford School and for some reason the gates were unlocked even though it is school holidays so we were able to wander around the grounds. Finally we picked up food at a deli and had a picnic at Clark's Point. There you could see the Harbour Bridge and the skyline of Sydney. There were ferries and sailboats on the water and fishermen and artists on the shore. I forgot to download of photo of the scene here but I can do that tomorrow.
After Simon dropped us off, Bob and Colin went to a Swans' School Induction Program where they heard interesting info and got goody bags. Rob, I think you will want to requisition the items: a Swans' scarf, Swans' towel, a football, a picnic bag (maybe for beer), a photo of the team, and a water bottle.
Then Colin, Lyn, Bob and I went to the Swans versus Melbourne Magpies game. The Swans won by a lot and the young man beside me talked not only footie to me but also Canadian medicare system, travel, and much more. After the game fans could go onto the field and they certainly did! Look below:
Well, we had to join that celebration, didn't we, so here we are below. I must contact the Roughriders to ask why they don't let us do the same. After all, 28,000 fans were at this game and any of them could go on the field. What it really did was keep some people there while others drove away so that you weren't held up in a traffic jam in the parking lot.

What a wonderful day!

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  1. Well I'm glad you guys had a horrible time with Simon. Him and his sewers, eh?

    Still jealous.