Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Please Don't Make Me Leave This Country

Even chores here are great fun! I have wanted a clothesline for 22 years. Finally a brainwave: if Bob doesn't give me one for Mothers' Day, I will give him one for Fathers' Day. I was very careful to hang our underwear (sub-garments, Rob) out of sight in this photo.

And I got to scoop up a few fall leaves today. How great is it to scoop fall leaves this week and then get ready for spring planting next week.
We visited Colin's school yesterday. It is a K to 6 school with 750 children. I hope the W.C.S. staff isn't envious of these photos especially the last two of the staff room. Katie, the school is just constructing a new library. You would want it! Their assembly hall has big garage doors at one end which can be opened to extend the area into an open-air area which is roofed.

Today Bob and I visited Judy (Edwards) Fitzmaurice who was Weyburn Rotary's first exchange student in 1976. At one point in Elizabeth's stay here she lived only a couple of kilometers away from Judy, although they were never in touch. Judy had her two Weyburn yearbooks out so that she and Bob could reminisce.

The wonderful Booths got me to another quilt store, this time to one where there was no cat and no smoking proprietor. I admired a quilt and asked about the pattern. It isn't available yet, but the creator of it was in the back conducting a class. How lucky was that!

We were at a beautiful greenhouse and gardens today. The greenhouse specializes in roses and had beautiful rose gardens. Oops, I had the picture here but it just disappeared into cyberspace. James, HELP!
Tomorrow we head to the Central Business District of Sydney for our last days before we head to Hawaii on Saturday. I don't care how great Hawaii will be, it won't be as great as this wonderful land filled with friendly people.


  1. Now you know how I felt after a year there

  2. I wonder if they will decorate the library with forest green carpets, curtains (with holes in them) and pebble walls? I should send them a picture so they can see what a "real" library looks like- lol! Looks like you two are having a fabulous time, but it really seemed to go by quickly. I look forward to having a visit with you when you get back.